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I’ve experienced a great deal of joy in creating this Website! Here’s how I did it:

The Plugin enables the Portfolio Author to create a Document Library that, with the help of WordPress – as it IS a WordPress Plugin – makes it possible to have an Audio or Video Playlist or a Photo Gallery Online in a short time of Website creation!

I worked on this Site for one week in the hours in between my life’s responsibilities, and it has taken shape as it is right now, with little difficulty in working with the Plugin!

If you run into any snags, you can Email the Support Staff, and they will get back with you by Email with detailed know-how and directions of what to do to correct your issue(s)… AND THEY ARE KNOWLEDGEABLE!!

Document Library Pro has enabled me to create separate Playlists to showcase my songs, and then to create separate document files for each of the Lyrics PDFs that correspond to each song. You can download each PDF and listen to the songs while reading the Lyrics on your computer, tablet, or phone! All of that is available on this Website.

Document Library Pro also enabled me to provide links to my eBook and my Paperback Book that are for sale on Amazon’s Website, and to provide information about that Book in a separate document with its own URL.

Not only this, but I was able to create a “Contact” Page with WordPress Forms (WPForms at https://wpforms.com/) that Document Library Pro enabled me to implement on its own Web Page without any difficulty! Anyone can reach me by that Contact Form right to my Email with their comments or suggestions, or to let me know of any problems with the Website, or to tell me they’d like to record any of my songs! I installed the Contact Form in less than half hour and had its settings set properly and working as it is supposed to in about the same amount of time!

I hope you will click the links on this Page to get to seeing their Website and to find out more about Document Library Pro and the Password Protected Categories Webpage, which is located at the following link (click on the link and it will open in a new Browser tab):

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