(A21) “UFOs/UAPs? Aliens? What God’s Word Says Of These!” (FREE DOWNLOAD!)

Message about “UFOs/UAPs? Aliens? What God’s Word Says Of These!” FREE DOWNLOAD!!!

Published on 6-22-2024!

Download these 2 Messages for Free by clicking on the following links:

Part 1:

+(Part 1) Message About UFOs, UAPs, & Aliens, And Scriptural Answers! EDITED & PROOFREAD ON 6-22-24, 848am, Originally Written On 2-17-23 & 6-14-24

File type: pdf

Part 2:

+(Part 2) Message About UFOs, UAPs, And Scriptural Answers! SLIGHTLY EDITED & PROOFREAD ON 6-22-24, 919am, Originally Written On 8-6-2023, 301am

File type: pdf

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