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I wrote a book and Published it on Amazon on July 23rd, 2019; it is entitled, “THE COMINGS OF THE LORD JESUS: Explaining Latter-Days Prophecies From The Holy Bible (AKJV)”. It is not just a read-easy book but is meant for studying the Word of God to learn what the Scriptures teach about the Last Days! ~Roger Funk, II, Author

It is available for sale at the following links:


Paperback Book

Check out my Book’s details on Amazon’s Website – just click either of the 2 links above!

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Book Cover: 'THE COMINGS OF THE LORD JESUS: Explaining Latter-Days Prophecies From The Holy Bible (AKJV)'
I explain with Scripture how the Bible teaches there will be THREE Raptures, NOT JUST ONE! There are many various other subjects expounded and explained for you!

In my Book (above), I spoke of 4 articles I’d read Online, written and published by Ken Raggio, that are very revealing;

I discussed those 4 messages in my Book – including what I agree/disagree with Mr. Raggio about – but Amazon wouldn’t allow me to include the links to these articles in my own Book.

For your convenience, here are those 4 links:





Ken Raggio is a very intelligent, well-informed, and God-inspired teacher of things relating to End Times prophecy!

I strongly recommend reading these 4 messages of his BEFORE you read (OR DURING your reading) my Book!


~Roger Funk, II



I ended my Book with a Song that I wrote over 2 decades ago, which the Lord revealed to me would not be for the present time, but rather, for the time near to the end of what is commonly referred to as “The Tribulation Period.”

I included a brief explanation about that in my Book (shown above), but I’m offering a complete explanation about that Song’s Lyrics in this PDF File, which I’m offering FOR YOU TO DOWNLOAD FREELY, EVEN WITHOUT GETTING THE BOOK!

Here is the FREE DOWNLOAD Link:

Turn Again (And I’ll Have Mercy) (lyrics by Roger Funk, II) (INCLUDES LYRICS’ EXPLANATION)

File Type: pdf

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